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The John Amico School of Hair Design will be awarding 20- $1,000 scholarships to 2021 High School Graduates planning to pursue a career in Cosmetology or Esthetics.

Do you want a career in beauty, makeup, skincare, fashion & more?

The beauty business is BOOMING, and you can be a part of this exciting, recession-proof industry. Here is what the John Amico Schools are doing to help you!

There are several different scholarships for various candidates from many of the beauty companies and associations.


John Amico has many different scholarships for College Graduates with Degrees, including students with Masters’ Degrees. John Amico also offers an International Scholarship for non-U.S. students who are not able to receive federal funds.

In addition, John Amico has a High School Graduate Scholarship for those thinking about a career in Cosmetology or Esthetics. You may be able to get a helping hand with tuition.

John Amico will be awarding 20- $1,000 scholarships to 2021 High School Graduates planning to pursue a career in Cosmetology or Esthetics.

To apply for the scholarship, qualified applicants must submit the required information to the Admissions Department and enroll in the John Amico School’s 2021 classes for the scholarship award. You must contact the John Amico near you.

We offer days or evenings, full or part-time classes. Financial Aid available if qualified.

We will be calling to answer your many questions and set up your personal Virtual Tour from the comfort of your home. During your tour, you will see our students performing services on clients, see our school, meet advisors and be introduced to the John Amico Special Certifications we offer.

We look forward to speaking with you! Look for our call from (708) 631-2527.  You can also send a TEXT to (708) 631-2521.

Last, but not least, you will receive a wonderful professional collection of John Amico hair and body products after your Virtual Tour just for exploring your career options with us.

For more details about scholarship opportunities at John Amico, contact the Admissions Department at our Oak Forest Campus.

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